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Fourth International Exhibition of Public Transport ExpoCityTrans-2016 is held on November 29 - December 1, 2016 at Moscow exhibition complex VDNKh.

ExpoCityTrans is the largest event in the field of public transportation in Russia and the CIS countries. All key players of the sector, including relevant officials, chiefs of Russian and international companies and industrial enterprises, gathered to discuss the present and the future of the urban public transport. Global scale of the Exhibition can be proved by the number of participants. It was attended by over 600 people from 29 countries. Growing public interest in the field is also evident due to the number of visitors. During three day of the Exhibition, about 7,000 people came to see rare vehicles of the 20th century near the latest transportation developments.

The first business day of the conference started with a plenary discussion “Innovative Mobility. How to Find an Ideal Formula”, a part of which was an address by Maksim Sokolov, Russian Minister of Transport. He noted that every year the Conference grew in popularity and pointed out its importance as a platform for discussion and making decisions, which establish priority areas for public transport companies.

The official opening ceremony of ExpoCityTrans-2016 was attended by Maksim Sokolov, Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, and Alan Flaush, Secretary General of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP). It was followed by an official venue tour which acquainted state officials and top-managers of companies with the latest developments in the field of transportation.

Other discussions held on the first day were “Overland Transport. How to Adapt to Rapidly-Growing Cities” and “Metro. How to Create a Perfect Model”.

Within the framework of the discussion “Overland Transport. How to Adapt to Rapidly-Growing Cities”, Nikolay Asaul, Russian Deputy Minister of Transport elaborated on the legal framework for passenger transportation, while Evgeny Mikhaylov, CEO of Mosgortrans, told about overland passenger transportation in Moscow and noted: “Today, 80% of all passengers’ complaints and proposals on public transport of Moscow relate to two interconnected issues. The first one is traffic intervals, for regularity is very important for people. The second one is waiting time; for people want to know how much time they have to spend at a stop”. These are the issues the Ministry is dealing with now. Moreover, according to Yevgeny Mikhaylov, Moscow public transport now performs 94% of the runs scheduled. “Four years ago, it was 89%. We fail to perform only 6% of runs, and it is mostly caused by delays”.

Dmitry Pegov, Head of Moscow Metro held a speech at the panel discussion “Metro. How to Create a Perfect Model” on the future of Moscow metro. “The construction and development are going on now. According to our plans, by 2020, we will build 56 new stations”, he said. The head of Moscow Metro also informed that the Moscow Central Circle, which was opened this autumn, helped to reduce traffic congestion at central metro and railway stations of Moscow by 40%. “In fact, the Central Circle connected radial lines of Moscow metro, due to which metro stations adjacent to central railway stations were relieved by 20-40%. We managed to reduce passenger traffic at Koltsevaya, one of the busiest lines, by 15%”, Dmitry Pegov told.

The key theme of the second day of the Conference was road passenger electric transport. ExpoCityTrans-2016 hosted the First International Conference Development Prospects of the Road Passenger Electric Transport held by Bauman Moscow State Technical University and State Unitary Enterprise of the city of Moscow Mosgortrans with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. The sponsor of the Conference was Management Company GAZ Group.

Representatives of the regional executive authorities of the Russian Federation, transportation operators, producers of electric and automotive components, which implement projects and programmes for the development of road passenger transport, and research organizations gathered to discuss the issues of management and operation of road passenger electric transport in urban agglomerations, the configuration baseline, design, development and production.

Addressing the Conference, Viktor Makovetsky, Development Director of Bus Division of GAZ Group said: “Implementing Electric Bus project we focus on a complex problem of big cities, environmental problem. Current environmental situation in Russian cities raises serious concerns among environmentalists and we, manufacturers, have no right to ignore it. Today, we are fully prepared to manufacture such vehicles serially. However, the project will operate at full throttle only if all parties involved, namely, the city, the carrier and the manufacturer, work together. While implementing this project in collaboration with Moscow Department of Transport and Mosgortrans, the largest carrier in the region, and with the participation of Siemens and Bauman Moscow State Technical University, we achieved good results. Consensus between all stakeholders involved in the development of electric transport allows us to speak about the prospects of wider use of electric buses in Moscow” .

The business programme of the Conference was followed by the Exhibition, where exponents from all over the world presented their developments in the field of public transportation. Mastercard demonstrated its contactless payment solution at its stand with a turnstile and two validators for demonstration of the process in vehicles.

At the joint stand ExpoCityTrans-2016 and Mosgortrans visitors were offered a range of activities, including light installation (3D mapping) with an image film about Moscow rolling stock, educational virtual reality game telling about the Moscow Central Circle, an interactive application, from which visitors could learn the history of Mosgortrans and the Moscow Metro, touch-sensitive desks with an application dealing with the history of Mosgortrans rolling stock and an e-book about the latest achievements of transportation industry, and an AR photo booth.

SMOOVE, a provider of technical solutions for public transportation systems, presented its novelty of the season, a bike with an electric booster. This solution is light, tamper-proof, ergonomic, modern and has a large power reserve. E-bike-share system extends and complements bicycle rental as a means of urban public transportation system.

MAN Truck & Bus RUS exhibited its new bus MAN Lion's Intercity, which was recognized as the Bus of the year-2016 in the category of tourist and long-distance buses.

The total number of exhibitors exceeded 40. Each of them presented its developments in the field of public transport, which soon will be seen in the streets of Russian cities. More than 70 media sources covered the Conference and Exhibition.

Strategic partners of ExpoCityTrans-2016 were Mosgortrans and Moscow Metro. The exhibition was supported by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Moscow City Government (Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development of Moscow) and International Association of Public Transport (UITP). The event was organized by Business Dialogue.

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For the first time, the ExpoCityTrans Public Transportation Exhibition took place as part of the Transport Week. It is organised by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) with the support of the Moscow City Government. The exhibition is run by Business Dialogue LLC.